Cook Native American Ministries

Empowering Emerging Leaders in Native American Communities

Charles H. Cook was a Presbyterian minister with a passion for ministry to Native Americans. Reverend Cook was the “missionary to the Pima Indians” beginning in 1870 and was the first pastor to work side-by-side with Akimel O’odham “River People” (Pima tribe) as both missionary and teacher.

In the spring of 1890 Reverend Cook founded a school with just five students, which was the realization of his vision. From these humble beginnings, Reverend Cook’s vision has grown and transformed to meet today’s challenges in educating, empowering and equipping Native Americans for leadership in their churches and communities with the founding of the Cook Native American Ministries (CNAM) in 1911.

CNAM was formed to provide educational opportunities to current and future leaders so that they can guide their tribal communities, churches and influence the world at large. The services have been keenly identified in meeting the Native American communities’ needs in the ministries.

In addition to the three-year Commissioned Ruling Elders Program, CNAM offered programs, workshops and mentoring opportunities that developed lay pastors, elders and individuals who were determined to make a difference to others.

Today, Cook Native American Ministries continues to expand the vision and passion of its founder by creating a foundation to assist American Indian and Alaskan Native tribal communities by educating current and emerging leaders to more effectively serve their respective communities.

Your contribution will fund grants to develop new programs to strengthen and guide current and future leaders in tribal communities and churches.



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