History & Mission

For more than 104 years the name CNAMF has been associated with Native American leadership in the United States, Canada and the Marshall Islands. Cook Native American Ministries Foundation (CNAMF) was founded in 2014 to develop Native American leadership in churches with a goal of serving and inspiring membership in their respective communities.

Programs have been taught both on our former Tempe campus and in hundreds of reservation churches and other locations.  Cook has produced Christian leaders, pastors, teachers, educators and community leaders from across the nation and beyond.

The Cook School closed in 2007, but the organization remains committed to its mission and has formed itself into a charitable foundation. This Foundation is structured to continually assist Native American tribal communities through equipping and educating leaders.

Continuing our mission, we now offer Grant Workshops and mentoring for those we serve.

Please review our Grant Guidelines to learn how CNAMF can work with you in ministry.

History and Mission of CNAM

(Rev. Dr. Charles H. Cook)

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