Submitting a Letter of Intent

We have tried to make this process as easy as possible, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

a. Check Grant Guidelines. Determine whether the project plan and the sponsoring organization meet the requirements detailed in the General Guidelines. For clarification or other questions related to whether the project is consistent with the guidelines, email

b. Create a Letter of Intent (LOI). Develop a realistic and feasible project or program that will create Hope and Opportunities for the next generation of Native American Leaders.

Step 2:

Submit a Letter of Intent (email or US mail) and explained in two pages or less telling us:  

– About your project/program and how it meets one of the priority funding areas.

– How much money are you requesting?

– How will the grant money be expended?

– What will be the outcome or impact be?

You may write a narrative, tell a story or use outline form: we are interested in your passion for this program/project.  Microsoft Word documents are welcome. When communicating by email we will confirm your message was received. Please do not send photos or brochures; use paperclips and do not punch, staple or use binding or plastic covers. Invest your time in content rather than presentation.

Letter of Intent must be received in our office by: July 31st, 2017 by 5:00pm AZ MST.

Step 3:

Letters of Intent will be reviewed by CNAMF Grant Committee. The Grant Committee will select Letters of Intent (LOI) that best reflect CNAMFs mission and have greatest potential to create Hope and Opportunities within the next generation of Native American leaders. Those organizations will be contacted and invited by CNAMF to submit a full grant proposal.

Unannounced visits to the CNAMF office is not encouraged. Please e-mail to arrange an office visit, grantee site tour or any meeting with staff.


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